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LIVE via ZOOM ** OCTOBER 11-15 **  9am mst/12pm est

I promise that if you do the work and commit to yourself fully to this pageant preparation live challenge..... I will help you show up as your BEST self and WIN... REGARDLESS of the outcome. 
(Spoiler Alert - it's NOT about achieving perfection!)  Let's break this myth, and many more!! 
Enter your next pageant deeply confident that you are worthy of the crown. 
- I'm too heavy / I'm too thin 
- I'm too old / I'm too young
- I don't have the right etiquette / I'm too casual
- I don't have the money 
- I don't have the time
- I can't interview well / I'm not articulate enough
- I'm too afraid to talk on stage
- I can't walk in those heels!! / I'll trip and fall
- I don't look "the part"
- I'm not regal / graceful / poised / polished enough
- I'm afraid of using my real platform
- I'm too athletic / tom-boy / military

You are not alone. But you are being held back. 
These self-doubts and objections come from the part of the brain that's designed to protect us, to keep us safe. They speak to us, trying to convince us that we are not enough, that we will embarrass ourselves, that we won't be accepted. 
They create cracks in the beautiful energy we radiate when we are at our best (you know, your personal radiance of love, service to others, beauty from the inside out) - these nasty self-doubts create fissures SO BIG that your gorgeous life energy escapes -- and, in a cruel reality that undermines all the work you've done to perfect your hair and makeup, your wardrobe, your walk and your interview prep... the judges can sense it. And if your beautiful life energy is leaking, no matter your outward appearance of "perfection"....in this condition, 
You simply CAN'T win. 

Ready for the good news? They are FALSE ILLUSIONS. Many women have won major titles, despite every single one of these perceived "limitations".... and so can you. Accept them, or improve them - it will be your choice, and this course will empower you to do both. 


In this 5-Day Challenge you will get LIVE, INTERACTIVE PAGEANT PREPARATION TRAINING, Starting on October 11, 9am MST/12pm EST.  I can't promise I'll host it again.

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Bear with me as this is my first time doing this ...
but here's a rough idea of what to expect:


Your Personal Action Plan - PDF

  • Fillable in all the major areas of competition prep 
  • Timeline Commitments
  • ​Checklist for micro-wins! 

day 1

Your Personal Success Plan

  • Glow-Up Proof 
  • Create your own Success Metrics
  • What/Why/How
  • ​Actionable Homework

day 2

Interview / Stage Questions / Platform

  • win = become + do all the things
  • the fears/doubts you need to conquer to win 
  • What/Why/How
  • ​Actionable Homework

day 3

Fitness / Looks / Wardrobe

  • fear/doubt busting
  • how to maintain authenticity
  • action plan for improvement
  • ​Actionable Homework

day 4

Stage Presence / Style

  • energy management 
  • finding your style
  • 10,000 hours 
  • ​Actionable Homework

day 5 : BONUS DAY

Prize Giveaway / LIVE Q&A / Special Guests!! 

  • Team You! 
  • final tips, actionable steps to GUARANTEE your win 
  • Live Question / Answer Chat with SUPER SPECIAL GUESTS !! 

win your pageant... no matter what! 

What If you knew "The Secrets" to Winning?  
What if you could overcome self-doubt & Bring your best Self?


How much time will it take?
The daily sessions will be LIVE for 1 hour or less, then you will have some homework... what you put into it is up to you! 

Who is Hannah and how is she qualified?
Hey ladies! I'm Hannah - a normal mom of three little ones, a Realtor, wife to a crazy entrepreneur...and... a national pageant titleholder.  As I write this (October 2021) I'm preparing myself to compete for the mac-daddy of all married women pageants... MRS. WORLD!!... in January! 

Daily, you'll find me in a top knot and yoga wear (sometimes I don't get a shower till the kids go to bed, lets be honest)....and I'm naturally way more Tom-Boy than pageant girl.  I get my hands dirty with investment house renovations, and I love going off-grid camping in our Wrangler to explore Arizona (sans makeup of course).  But, like a diamond, all of us women have multiple facets, and pageantry is where we can let our fabulous shine!

I entered my first pageant at age 16 in Vermont after receiving a recruiting postcard in the mail, much to the amusement of my brother and friends. I had never worn heels, skirts, makeup, etc. so they laughed me into the "I'll prove to you I can do it" stubbornness I'm kind of known for.  First pageant - dead last.  Second year, 1st runner up. I was hooked. I moved from Vermont to Arizona to go to college, and I watched every pageant, and eventually entered every pageant I could. I've competed in the Miss America system at local and state levels, Miss USA at the state level, and some really crazy pageants in between. I won Mrs. Vermont 2013 and went on to Top 15 at Mrs. America and won the "best in denim" Award from a sponsor that led me to business deals with the company for years following.  Each time I "lost", I've learned.  And each time, I tried to improve.  

Long story short (skip ahead to this if you'd like):  Ladies, I was REALLY BAD for a really long time.  I've been through all the phases (rookie, "pageant patty", fake) and have finally settled into my own - my authentic self that's here to serve. I'm not saying I'm better than or more qualified than any other pageant titleholder out there...I'm just willing to take the time to put what I've learned from pageants and personal development work into a program... and not keep the secrets, well...secret.  So, wanna learn from my mistakes to shorten YOUR learning curve?  Let's do this. :)  

Why is this free? Is there a catch?
Nope, no catch. 
As with all things in life, there are multiple driving forces behind why I'm spending so much time (in all my *free time, lol**) to create this program and share it with sash sisters, for free. Here are a few: 

1. As the national title "MRS. AMERICAN 2021" within the amazing Mrs. America Organization, I want to use this year to MAKE AN IMPACT - to make a difference in people's lives.  
{My actual pageant platforms are about living a life sober from addictive illness (I just celebrated 12 years sober) and also about Strengthening Marriages through the storms of life -my hubby and I run a podcast you can find at BusinesswithBenefits.us) so I promote that work of course, AND.... Pageantry is what I know second best, because I've lived it and been passionate about it for so long!}

2. I thought a Challenge would be a cool platform because it would help MOVE THE NEEDLE for you - not just theory, but to conclude with a real action plan for yourself so you KNOW you've done all you can. 

3. I want to practice the technology of running a Challenge for our other businesses (I'm a nerd like that). 

4. I am prepping myself to compete at MRS. WORLD in January 2022.... so this review will help me too!! 

5. I love you, my pageant ladies! This is a chance to spend some time together, share what I've learned to make your pageant journey more enriching, and HAVE SOME FUN!! 

Also, how about Winning Some GIFTS?

What lady doesn't love a gift bag of goodies at the end of a job well done?!  Adding to the stash on the daily.

**Let me know if you would like to sponsor free product/services to gift this awesome community!

" Have a dream so big that you can't achieve it until you become the person who deserves it." 

Meet Your Host


  •  Imperfectly perfect, just like you 
  •  I am not my resume (but my resume includes 24 years of training in pageants, learning the hard way, and personal and spiritual development in life)
  • Devoted to helping YOUR dreams come true 


100% Money Back 30-Day Guarantee

If for any reason at all, if you aren't satisfied with our program... you have a full 30 days, to email us and receive a 100% Money Back no questions asked.  

HAHAHAHAHA, good stuff, right?  This program is FREE! 
(I told you I'm using freebies to practice for business)

Starting LIVE 

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By Invitation Only.
Invite a Friend.   


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